A cheat sheet for publishers on how to increase CPM

Published March 28, 2023

CPM rates have always been crucial for assessing the success of your traffic and revenue. Here is a cheat sheet you can use to double-check your website’s CPM performance metric at any moment. This concise guide will make it simpler to determine the key actions you must take to advance toward higher ad earnings.

Publishers can check out these 9 approaches for boosting CPM.

Ad Density

What to look out for

  • Don’t put too many similar ads on one page
  • To raise CPM rates, combine intelligent ad formats:
    • Social Bar + Direct Link
    • Popunder + Social Bar
    • Push ads (Social Bar) + Native Banner
    • Popunder + Native Banners
    • Native Banner + VAST

Ad Networks’ Scripts

What to look out for

  • Position your scripts In accordance with the ad networks’ guidelines
  • After adding a script, the page speed is good, particularly the Core Web Vitals
  • To avoid oversaturating the website, try out various ad networks, one at a time

Advertising Codes Update

What to look out for

  • You must change all codes after switching from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Each time you register for a unique code, you don’t put the same code in two different places (or on multiple pages)

Optimum Ad Formats

What to look out for

  • The previous web session did not terminate as a result of ad formats not being aggressive
  • On your page, ads blend in seamlessly
  • Ad formats don’t ruin the layout of your website
  • You use the least intrusive forms, like Native Banners or In-Page Push, if you have a large number of iOS users

Bounce Rates

What to look out for

  • Users stay on the website; they don’t churn after 1-10 seconds
  • Before ads load, visitors don’t exit the website
  • Your total bounce rates are under 70%
  • The bounce rate on your page is not fluctuating erratically
  • You don’t have pages with 90-100% bounces
  • You don’t provoke navigation bounces

User Experience

What to look out for

  • Avoid putting ads close to the navigational elements
  • Ads do not supplant or cover up important information
  • On a mobile website edition, you don’t use desktop formats of banners
  • Popunders are preferred over Pop-ups
  • Interstitial ads, which display in full-screen mode while users browse websites, are simple to dismiss

User Session Duration

What to look out for

  • Users spend a lot of time on your websites
  • Users navigate between pages
  • High levels of user engagement are evident in the fact that they read more than one page during each visit, click to enlarge images, etc

Click-through rates (CTR) with on-click ads

What to look out for

  • Users also click on ads rather than just watching them
  • Users are not incentivized to engage in ads by you. (incentive traffic is banned)
  • To increase views, you don’t employ any other dubious methods. (like placing an ad link instead of the navigation bar)

Ads Diversity

What to look out for

  • To avoid the “banner blindness” effect, you occasionally refresh and move ad formats
  • New formats like Social Bar in-page push advertising have already been tested
  • Along with Popunders, you also use Native Banners and Direct Links

Please remember that rates depend on both your activities and the objectives of advertisers whenever you ask yourself, “How do I increase CPM rates from an ad network?” For your GEOs, you must also be aware of trends and major events.

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