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AdPrimus is your advertising solution for turbocharging awareness, engagement, and performance through innovative ad formats. Our expertise will allow your campaigns to outperform regular banner ads by up to 3x.

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Performance, meet Style.

AdPrimus’ ad formats give you a variety of ways to optimize your campaigns – from lead capture to data-driven behavioral insights to optimize outcomes. Our unique, engaging ad formats coupled with deep expertise help you drive higher engagement and track unique and insightful metrics that you can’t track via other platforms.

Inventory that makes you go ‘wow’

With our vast publisher network, AdPrimus enables you to leverage our publisher network to reach the right audiences – including the ability to access premium publisher partnerships through integration to ensure a high-quality audience.

Professional attention hunters

Overcome banner blindness with ad formats that engage and capture your audience’s attention. We have a suite of innovative ad units that offer impactful ad delivery, stand out from the crowd, and powerfully engage customers.

Data powered by expertise

With smart analytics, you can focus on campaigns that are data-driven and fail-proof. With numerous unique reporting metrics that measure every aspect of consumer behavior, zoom in on the correct measurements that will help fuel your campaign results.

Engage your customers your way

Our ad formats provide multiple engagement points, from video to L-bands to social – allowing you to maximize reach, reduce fatigue and multiply outcomes.

Reimagining Results with Data

Choosing between Audience Reach and Performance? No more. With AdPrimus, you can get both.

Audience Reach

Impressions generated per month
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Outperform standard CTR
Boost your viewability rate
Video completion rate gained

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