Reimagine your advertising with AdPrimus.

Get up to 3x the performance of regular banner ads with our innovative ad formats

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Introducing AdPrimus

Say goodbye to old, unengaging banner ads. 

AdPrimus’ unique ad formats give you a variety of ways to optimize your advertising campaigns – from premium publisher partnerships to lead capture to data-driven behavioral insights. 

We help you drive multi-touchpoint user engagement, access high-quality audiences and track unique, insightful metrics for outstanding campaign outcomes. 

Skyrocket engagement and conversations through high performing ads.

Relevant Media Formats

Reach your audience with Display, Video, Audio and CTV ads.

Precise Audience Targeting

Target users based on location, device and language of their interest.

Unparlelled Viewability

Improved brand awarness and performance results by running placements with 2x standard CTR.

Worry-free Brand Safety

Protect your brand from non-human traffic and bad content. Thanks to our direct relationship with 500+ publishers.

Insightful Reporting

Monitor your ads performance with real-time analytics & reporting.

Performance that can’t be denied



Standard CTR



Viewability rate



Video completion rate

Innovative and Interactive ad format that stand out.

  • L Band
  • Strip Band
  • Hotspot
  • Video Lead Generation
  • Video Click to Call
  • Social Carousel
  • Social Story

Engage your customers your way

Our ad formats provide multiple engagement points, from video to L-bands to social – allowing you to maximize reach, reduce fatigue and turbocharge outcomes.

Incredible publisher partners

With our vast publisher network, AdPrimus enables you to reach the right audiences – including the ability to access premium publisher partnerships through integration to ensure high-quality audiences, every single time.

Cutting-edge supply-side technology

Give your advertising goals the tools it needs to just perform

- Expert header-bidding 
- Fully customized Customer Data Platform
- Ad units for every campaign and business goal 

Inventory and data at your disposal

First-look inventory allows your campaigns to run where they will perform the best. Optimize your campaigns like never before with access to 1st and 2nd party data to precisely target your audiences. 

Give us the reins but stay in control.

Industry research, media strategy, budget distribution, channels for different objectives, metrics to measure, attribution approach and custom reporting – we do it all to give you the performance insights that show you how our campaigns are impacting your business.