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BidAmp: Header Bidding

One Line Script that opens a world of Max Demand

Increasing your yield and driving better competition from Quality Demand is now simpler than ever with Mediawrkz’s BidAmp Header Bidding Solution. Our Team takes care of the ‘complicated tech’ so that you can simply focus on attracting demand from top demand sources like Xandr, Pubmatic, Magnite, Smart AdServer, AdTelligent and more.

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VidAmp: 3-in-1 Video Monetization

One Video Unit for all your Video Ad Needs

Mediawrkz’ 3-in-1 Video solutions are specifically designed to exponentially capture the power of Video for Publishers. Our 3-in-1 video monetization solution allows you to not just use our innovative ad units to drive powerful programmatic demand but also drive contextual, high-viewability content to attract audience attention. Inventory. Demand and Content. ALL in one go.

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High-Performance Ad units that deliver up to 10X performance

We listened to our Publisher partners and understood their need for enabling seamless ad experiences that deliver better performance. Our custom designed high-performance ad units drive better CTRs, eCPMs and more importantly consistent incremental revenue.

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Smart Ad Refresh

Intelligent ads that maximize fill rates

Publishers understand the need for maximizing fill rates while harnessing precious audience attention. Our Smart Ads refresh solution intelligently fills your in-view ad units with additional auction opportunities that generate up to 35% higher ad revenue.

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Independent Publishers! Master your own Growth.

HighR. MediaWrkz’s Self-Serve Demand Console

As an independent publisher, there is zero-time to waste in complicated setups, tagging, Pub Ops, Ad Ops, Reporting etc. Our Proprietary Demand Console, HighR does all this and more for you. It is designed specifically for ensuring that you master the key ad flight and management processes so that you can focus on what matters the most.

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Mediawrkz team has been responsive and giving suggestions to strive for more revenue from time to time.

Oriental Daily From Malaysia

The moment we met with Arun we realized that we were dealing with a thoroughly professional gentleman. He and his team helped us set up our Adx, Video Monetization, Header Bidding, and testing new ad units. All have been very positive from a Revenue POV. Our partnership with Mediawrkz has been very lucrative and we expect this relationship to grow & continue.

Outlook India

For three years, we have partnered with Mediawrkz.
For Sakshi, Mediawrkz has consistently has been sourcing direct campaigns.
Their network deals have been successful, and we anticipate collaborating with them as our preferred business partners in the future.

Mediawrkz has long been a valuable ad partner for us. Their team has been very collaborative in enabling smooth communications between our teams to ensure positive results. We definitely recommend Mediawrkz as a partner to consider.

Taiwan News

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