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BidAmp: Header Bidding

A one-line script that turbocharges demand for your ad inventory.

Increasing your yield and driving better competition from quality demand is now simpler than ever with Mediawrkz’s BidAmp Header Bidding Solution.

Let our experts take care of the scripting so you can start attracting demand from top sources like Xandr, Pubmatic, Magnite, Smart AdServer, AdTelligent and more.

  • Single-line Header Bidding Wrapper that is super easy to implement
  • Comes pre-configured with major SSPs to drive instant, high-quality demand
  • Complete set up and end-to-end handholding with zero latency
  • Expert ad ops team to optimize and drive superior yield persistently

VidAmp: 3-in-1 Video Monetization

Inventory, demand and content. All in one go.

VidAmp ensures that you don’t miss out on high-engagement, non-intrusive ad formats on your website.

Our video solutions are specifically designed to exponentially capture the power of video for publishers. VidAmp allows you to not just use our innovative ad units to drive powerful programmatic demand but also drive contextual, high-viewability content to attract audience attention.

  • One unit, 3 functions – Inventory, Demand and Engagement
  • Attention-grabbing content from quality partners
  • Higher Fill Rates, View Rates, Ad Yield and Revenue
  • Supports Instream/Outstream Video ads

Intelligent Rich Media Ad Units:

Reimagine what’s possible, with up to 10x performance

Enable seamless ad experiences that deliver better performance. Our custom designed high-performance ad units drive better CTRs, eCPMs and more importantly consistent incremental revenue.

  • Up to 10x CTR, 40% increase in engagement and 2.5x eCPMs
  • Simple integration along with seamless web and social experiences
  • Drive Brand or Performance demand from premium demand partners

Smart Ad Refresh: HighR

Simple, powerful demand console, built specifically for independent publishers.

Our proprietary standalone demand console does it all for you - from tagging to ad operations to everything in between.

  • Easy to learn, simple to use
  • Create your own ad units
  • Custom campaign optimization & analytics
  • Create reports that suit your needs

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