About Mediawrkz

Mediawrkz exists to be the most trusted Publisher + Advertiser Solutions Partner in the market. Everything you need to grow and thrive. We have it here.

Mediawrkz is a specialist Publisher Solutions from Datawrkz. We exist to bring the most easy-to-use, transparent and cutting edge Programmatic Advertising solutions to our Publishers and Advertisers.

We specialize in leveraging state-of-the-art tech and our passionate talent to maximize monetization opportunities for our partners across the world.

Our Leadership


Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Senthil has worked across areas like consulting, solution architecture, B2B marketing, and Advertising in i2, Oracle, IBM, and Ozone Media. Senthil lives in Bangalore, India.

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Head, Mediawrkz

Arunprabu Kesavan (Arun) heads Mediawrkz. He is the driving force behind Mediawrkz’ mission to become the most Publisher friendly solutions partner in the market.

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