Expertise to optimize your ad yield

  • Our team focuses on maximizing revenue from premium inventory for publishers. We achieve this through various ad networks, global exchanges, PMPs, and creative ad formats.
  • We also support publishers in connecting them with brand advertisers, increasing eCPM, and maximizing ad fill rates, ultimately enhancing the overall value of their website.

Yield Management Solutions for Publishers

Header Bidding Optimization

Drive competition among advertisers and increase ad revenue by up to 30% with a low latency header bidding technique.

Dynamic Floor Pricing

Adjust floor pricing for your ad inventory based on demand, user behavior, and other market dynamics.

Ad Layout Optimization

Increase eCPM by an average of 30% with effective ad layout optimization techniques based on ad placements, visibility, and refresh frequency.

Demand Path Optimization

Provide more transparency into the media-supply chain allowing advertisers to buy impressions through demand path optimization.

Ontime Report and Analytics

Our Yield Management team monitors the performance of your website 24x7, with a primary focus on optimizing the website's revenue.

We are trusted by Publishers across the globe.

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